5 Steps for a Soothing Massage

In general, any type of massage should be a relaxing experienced. You usually go to a massage therapist to help you relax and reduce the levels of stress or to alleviate a muscular pain or contracture. However, there are a few tips that you can also use at home to have a great massage or to offer someone else a pleasant experience.

The Right Oils
When you think about a massage, consider the water-based oils, because those can be taken out of the towels and the clothes pretty easily. You can use almond, grape seed or jojoba oil, combined with something stronger like the lavender oil. The coconut oil can help with cooling the body, and it’s ideal for summer, while the sesame oil will warm up the skin during the winter.

A Nice Ambience
A low lighting and some burning incense can do wonders for someone’s state of mind, so if you plan this right, the person receiving the massage will totally relax. Make sure the room is cozy and well aired before burning the favored incense. Also, use a relaxing music that can help with inducing a good state close to meditation.

The Positive Energy
Shamans used breathing and meditation to channel the positive energy, so if you have someone coming over for a massage make sure you help them lie face down and taking a few calming breaths before you get started. A positive intent at the beginning is enough to help you focus and the other person feels your calm.

Warming Up
Place the chosen oil in your hands and warm it up a little before starting the massage. The trick is that the oil needs to be warm, and it will help you in warming up the muscles of the recipient. This is essential because any massage can work on knots in the muscles to alleviate pain and reduce the uncomfortable feeling, but you can’t do this if the body is stiff. Use light, long and flowing surface strokes for at least 10 or 15 minutes. Working on each part will ensure that the muscles are warmed enough to support a deeper working later into the session.

Smooth Moving
When you offer someone a massage, be it to help them relax or to solve a muscular contracture, make sure the muscles are warmed up. You should smoothly move your hand from one point to another – for example, you can’t massage the feet and get directly to the scalp. Start with the upper or the lower part of the body and work your way down or up, depending on where you’ve started.

The essence is to be relaxed enough so that the recipient can feel your calm and can also relax and enjoy what you’re doing, even if you don’t own a luxurious spa.